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Paralegal Hamilton Ontario - Our office as well as our lawyers are committed to meeting all the legal needs in relation to the delivery of health care. Some of our clients consist of physicians, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists and chiropractors. We also help operators and owners of health care facilities, regardless of size.

Our office prides itself on keeping up-to-date on all medical-legal problems, and we make certain that our clients are completely aware of any changes in law that could effect the delivery of health care.

Due to it's complicated nature, numerous areas of law are included when dealing with health care. Because of this, many of our lawyers have an extensive background in business law, corporate law, tax law, litigation law, and labour and employment law. This allows them to grasp the unique requirements that are involved within a health care enterprise. To be able to deliver the most effective and efficient assistance, we ensure that we get to know and understand our clients as well as their companies.

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George Hamilton, who was the son of Queenston founder and entrepreneur, Robert Hamilton; created Hamilton town, Ontario. George Hamilton purchased the land from James Durand, who was a local Member of the British Legislative Assembly after the War of 1812. At first, the town was not the most influential centre of the Gore District, but as the city developed, more and more prominent buildings were created, especially in the 19th century. In the year 2001, the city of Hamilton was formed from the merger of the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth and its six municipalities: Hamilton, Ancaster, Flamborough, Dundas, Stoney Creek and Glanbrook.

Hamilton loves sports. It is home to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum, and is even popular for hosting the prestigious Canadian Open golf championships four times...